GET INSPIRED: Flowers + Plants for Your Desk

GET INSPIRED: Flowers + Plants for Your Desk

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like a little glam surrounding their workspace? That’d just be weird if it were true.

For those of us with home offices, we might put up happy, inspiring artwork on the walls closest to our desks. For those of us in shared workspaces, maybe we don’t have that kind of flexibility. Flowers give you the option to change up your desk’s decor, and keep fun, fragrant flowers nearby all day long.

Whether you want to pick some from your garden, or place an order with us for a full out arrangement or a DIY stem bundle, we’re excited to inspire you with some ways to dress your desk up with flowers or plants!


Single Stems + Delicate Vases

It doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact - or sometimes you want your vase to do all the talking! We love how a single colorful bloom can add enough personality to a workspace! For this, a more modern-meets-classic look, consider Iris or Lillies. For something more fluffy and textured, Peonies, Mums, and a classic single stem Rose would do the trick!

Petite Garden Arrangements

Grab your favorite vase and run to the garden - or, you know, order some loose stems from our shop! - and throw a little something sweet together. Whether you want something that feels a bit more airy and “boho” (like taller mixed stems and dried grass/greenery) or romantic and sweet (like fresh cut roses popped right into a vase), this fulfills the need for flowers without taking up too much real estate on your desk.

Go Big and Stay Home

Maybe you don’t play small. Maybe you need all the flowers on your desk. We get it - we’ve got flowers everywhere here! You probably don’t have a whole garden of flowers you’re wanting to chop down, but we’ve got you covered. Place an order for something that will make you feel like you’re working in the middle of some beautiful garden cafe in France…because a little daydreaming never hurt anybody, right?

Go Green…with Plants

I think we’re conditioned to love green things. We love healthy grass. We love trees. We love cash money. And we love plants! If flowers aren’t really your thing (or you just want something that’ll live a bit longer with less maintenance), make a new plant friend! We might be a little biased, but we’d be fools not to tell you that The Plant Box is a great option for your desk - and it’s a quick and easy little DIY project! Get your hands in some dirt and plant your new desk mate. Or, if you’re a succulent-lover, pop a couple of those in a fun terrarium (or order from our shop and let us do the work) and you’ve got yourself an easy-to-care-for way to freshen up your workspace.



What’s more your style? Are you a single-stem, a potted plant, or a full vase of roses? No matter what, the addition of flowers to your desk is sure to brighten your day. (And look, we won’t tell your boss that you’re taking breaks to literally stop and smell the roses. I mean, how do you resist?)

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