Caring For Your Fresh Flowers

Caring For Your Fresh Flowers

Surprise! You just got some beautiful, fresh flowers from Lizzie Bee's! Now what? 

We've created a step-by-step guide for keeping your flowers fresh and bee-utiful for weeks. Don't forget--once your flowers are nestled in their new home, take a picture, share it, and tag @lizziebees.thehive for $5 off your next order!

1) If your arrangement is wrapped, trim your stems at least 1/4" & place in cool water mixed with flower food. Make sure that all leaves & blooms are above the water line; pull off the extras to prevent bacteria growth in your fresh water!

2) Once your arrangement is in water (or if it arrived in a vase!), make sure and refresh water every 24 hours to save your flowers from sitting in dirty water--or drinking so much that they run out!

3) Display your flowers in a cool, dry area of the house. For optimum life, avoid direct sunlight, lots of humidity (like in a bathroom), and pets (they could think your flowers are a snack!). 

4) When the life of your flowers is ended, hang dry, press or compost your arrangement to save them from a landfill! If you received them in a vase, make sure you wash your vase out thoroughly for future use.


If you have any questions about keeping your flowers fresh, don't hesitate to call us. We'd love to buzz about flowers, they're our favorite!


Lots of Love,

The Lizzie Bee's Team

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