The Nosegay Bouquet

The Nosegay Bouquet


Getting ready for your big night? Let us make a nosegay bouquet that all your friends will be buzzing about! Lizzie Bee's bouquets are the perfect addition to that prom or homecoming look and can be customized to match your unique style.



NEUTRAL & CHIC - Whites, creams, & champagnes for a timeless look.

SWEET PINKS - Blushes, ballet pinks and pops of magenta are flirty and fun!

DAZZLING BLUES - Soft Blue and white accents for a little bit of glam.

LUSCIOUS REDS - Bold red and white accents stop the show.

PRETTY PURPLES - Lavender, royal purple and plum fit for royalty.

BRIGHT & BOLD - Yellows & Oranges are cheery, fresh and fabulous!

MUTED & MOODY - Deep purples, blues, burgundy and black make up a mysterious nighttime look.



THE ORIGINAL - Designed in Lizzie Bee's signature garden style, the Original is lush, organic, and gorgeous.

THE REMIX - The Remix is perfect for anyone who marches to the beat of their own drum--lots of added texture, dried elements, and unique design!

THE THROWBACK - For anyone with a love of vintage vibes, the Throwback is for you! Enjoy pretty rosebuds and lots of ribbon for that classic prom look. 


MAKE IT CUSTOM - We can create a bouquet set to your custom specs-- here are some requests you can make in our "Custom Requests" box!

An example of requests that we love:

  • I'd love it in X shade of pink! (We'll work to get the colors as close as possible for you)
  • I'm allergic to lilies. (Allergies are always important to note.)
  • I don't like roses. (Tells our team to stay away from dislikes!)
  • I want tropical/garden style/dried flowers (We'll work to make sure the flowers in your arrangement match your style!)
  • I would like to use x flower in my arrangement (We'll try our best to put your requested flower in your arrangement, but we can't guarantee we'll be able to use that specific flower, and your order may be charged an additional fee)