Majesty Palm

Majesty Palm


A truly tropical beauty, the Majesty Palm thrives in an environment under a careful plant tender. Let this leafy love sit in a bathroom, mudroom or kitchen, to soak up all that sweet humidity! 

CARE LEVEL: Experienced Plant Fanatic


Majesty Palms like a lot of light, so much so that they will be happiest near a sunny window. To thrive indoors, your majesty palm loves six to eight hours of bright light per day.  One key to growing majesty palm indoors is to never let the soil dry completely; this palm (endangered in the wild!) comes from spots along streams and rivers. Be sure you have a pot with drainage holes so excess water can escape,  the palm’s roots can drown and rot. Not sure if your palm is getting too much or too little water? Here’s an easy way to tell. If the fronds begin drying out at the tips and it moves down the leaf, causing the leaves to brown, the palm is too dry. If the leaves turn yellow, the soil may be too wet. Because majesty palm is a tropical plant, it likes moisture in the air. If the air is too dry for yours, you might find that just the leaf tips turn brown and dry. Boost humidity indoors for your majesty palm by keeping it in a room with a humidifier. It’s also helpful to protect your palm from cold, dry air. Majesty palms damaged by cold may recover fairly quickly if injured, but must be tended to right away. Warm wet air is best.