Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant


Looking to get into plant parenting, but struggling with a "brown thumb?" The Cast Iron plant makes the perfect introduction (or re-introduction) to the world of houseplants, with their high tolerance for low light and little water. Gift these beauties when unsure of the recipient's plant care experience, or add this pretty plant to your own low-lit library or dorm room for a splash of something green and growing.

CARE LEVEL: Beginner Plant Parent


For a gardener with a brown thumb, this sturdy, long-lasting plant can be used in areas where all else fails. It is always green and can handle deep shade under deck stairs or along foundations that receive almost no sunlight. Plus, insects usually leave it alone, and it very rarely is bothered by disease. Cast-iron plants require very simple maintenance: watering when the soil dries out and fertilizing for part of the year. Most mistakes that occur with these plants involve overwatering (they dislike waterlogged soil) or placing them in direct sunlight. With cast-iron plants, a fairly hands-off approach is typically best.