Urn Arrangement

Urn Arrangement


Our urn arrangements delicately wrap around the deceased's urn with lush florals and organic greenery in the color palette of your choice. Order in a standard, deluxe or grand size.


Standard | This arrangement is a moderate size, perfectly encompassing the urn without extra frills.

Deluxe - Standard | This arrangement is larger with extra floral and greenery and provides more impact.

Grand | This arrangement provides extra lush floral and greenery for a luxe impact. 


Pastel | Soft, delicate florals in shades such as lavender + sweet pinks accented with greenery.

White | Crisp, airy white florals and a touch of greenery. 

Blue | Soft, cool blue florals take center stage with a touch of white accents and greenery.

Multicolored Bright | A unique and warm combination of florals in a variety of colors, from red, yellow and orange to blues and purples. 

Custom | Tailor your arrangement to the memory of your loved one by requesting a custom arrangement! These beauties start at $200, but you may be billed additionally depending on the scope of arrangement and choice of available flowers.