An ancient symbol of love, unity and marriage to the Romans and Greeks, the Myrtle tree gives a little gardenesque flair to your sill with easy-to-shape branches in soft green hues. These timeless tree beauties can be sensitive to temperature and light, so they make the best gift for more experienced plant parents.

CARE LEVEL: Casual Plant Enthusiast


Myrtle trees flourish when in a location where receives plenty of light, try to aim for around 6 hours of good, indirect sunlight a day. Your tree will also benefit from good air circulation, bright airy conservatoires or unheated rooms are perfect. Avoid placing near central heating. Like with most indoor plants, keep the soil of your myrtle tree moist but don’t over water so that the compost is soggy or left standing in water. Simply water when the top layer of soil begins to feel dry and don’t allow it to dry out too much. Water thoroughly and allow the excess water to drain away.