Lisa Cane

Lisa Cane


Lisa Canes are a sub-type of the Dracaena species of houseplants--with feathery, fan-like leaves and large cane stalks, they show off as a corner piece without requiring an intense amount of care! These babes love a little routine, but aren't too difficult to keep lush and lovely once you get in the swing of regular watering! 

CARE LEVEL: Casual Plant Enthusiast


Place your Dracaena where it will receive medium to bright indirect light and avoid extended periods of direct sun. It can tolerate the lower end of moderate light spaces but watering will need to be reduced.Dracaena trees prefer the soil to dry between waterings, but not completely through the pot. Typically, watering every 10-14 days will keep the soil with a nice even level of moisture. You never want the soil to be soggy as this plant can be prone to root rot, however allowing the soil to get bone dry will result in brown tips on the plant's leaves. It’s a delicate balance, but once you fall into a routine, the Dracaena Lisa Cane will react well to regular waterings. The Dracaena also appreciates a humid environment, and will appreciate a humidifier, pebble tray, or regular misting.