Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern


A trendy new houseplant since they were recently revived by growers in Australia, the Staghorn Fern is a visually unique and easy to care for houseplant that thrives in cool, dry environments. Dress yours up with a fun pot or use a macrame hanger for a fun effect!

CARE LEVEL: Casual Plant Enthusiast


Care of staghorn ferns relies on careful humidity, light, and temperature control. The ferns can live many years with good care and will get several hundred pounds in their natural habitat. Homegrown ferns are generally much smaller but they can be in the family for decades. Good staghorn fern care requires frequent watering, but allow the plant medium to dry out in between. Fertilize them once per month with a 1:1:1 ration fertilizer diluted in water. The plant is prone to black spot, which is a fungal disease. Do not water over the foliage and minimize humidity indoors to prevent the disfiguring spores.