Easter Centerpiece | Florist Design

Easter Centerpiece | Florist Design


Looking to sweeten up your Easter table with a gorgeous arrangement? Let us design you a dreamy garden-style centerpiece your guests are sure to love! 

All arrangements are florist-designs, which means our designers will use their creativity to give you something beautiful.

Choose your budget below, and leave any color requests and flower preferences/notes in the comments at checkout. Our Bee's will take care of the rest!

We will do our best to accommodate requests, but please note we cannot guarantee stem types or colors as these are all seasonal arrangements.

An example of notes that are very helpful:

  • Recipient loves pink! (Open-ended color requests are usually easy to fulfill.)
  • Recipient is allergic to lilies. (Allergies are always important to note.)
  • Recipient doesn't like roses. (Tells our team to stay away from dislikes!)
  • Recipient appreciates fragrant flowers. (Our team will be more intentional on picking flowers with fragrance.)
  • Recipient prefers a tall arrangement. (Super helpful for our design team to know!)
  • Recipient doesn't like bright colors. (We'll use muted tones in the design!)
  • Recipient's home decor is very boho. (Fun! Let's use some dried textured in the arrangement, and place in an earthy vase.)

An example of notes that are harder to fulfill:

  • Must have red roses, delivered today. (We can't guarantee red roses will be in stock on any given day. With a lead time of 4-6 days, we can likely fulfill this.)
  • Only use peonies. (A very seasonal bloom, and a pricey one at that. You can tell us that they like peonies, but we can't guarantee an arrangement with all peonies, if they're even in season.)
  • Recipient is allergic to all flowers. (Okay, friend. Maybe we look at some plants, instead.)

We cannot guarantee any specifics...except the size, and that it'll be absolutely lovely.

Please note: We are closed on Easter Sunday so make sure to set your delivery or pick-up accordingly to when you need your flowers.